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Welcome to the second edition of the Studio Spotlight featuring thirteen year old Lisa Moore!

Lisa Moore Voice Student

Lisa Moore

How long have you studied with Toni Maxine

About two years.

How old are you?

13 (May 11)

What have you gained from taking private lessons?

My voice has become louder, and I feel more confident in myself.  I love Ms. Toni!

What have you enjoyed the most about taking lessons?

I can sing really loud in front of people without getting scared. My voice has gotten much stronger and I am more confident.

What are your goals?

To become a gospel singer or a music therapist.

Have you been able to apply your voice lessons to other singing opportunities?

Yes a little bit, but I think I should do more. Right now I have to deal with age limits, but I plan to do much more in the future. I would love to do something like American Idol.

Do you think you have used your singing skills in other areas?

Yes at church. When I am singing certain songs and solos I use my opera voice. It helps me show people that I am not this little girl but more like an adult singer.

“I think people should push themselves to do better. You might not be the next Beyonce, but everyone can get better and improve!”

It has been exciting to hear and see Lisa’s voice develop.  When she began working on the song Part of Your World, she enjoyed the piece so much that it was fun to see her take real ownership of the song.  She really hit a turning point.  At thirteen, it is exciting to think about the opportunities that are ahead for her!

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